JD Wagner

He began his professional work with IndyCar with HVM Racing as a Race Engineer. His position involved everything from parts design for the race cars to scrutineering to helping tear apart and putting together the IndyCars. He also wired the looms, car sensors, and did telemetry/data analysis during/after the race weekends.

JD continues his passion of racing by racing his 2011 MINI Cooper at AutoX events and track days. He will be continuing his racing this year by starting in the Yamaha Senior Series of Karting.

Specialties: SolidWorks, CSWP Certification, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Simulations, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Simulations, MathCAD, Rapid Prototyping, Telemetry Analysis, 3D Printing

Alejandro Nieto

Bio coming soon...


Nick Bencivenga

A true lover of all things car related, Nick’s passion for cars really began when his dad purchased a 1993 Toyota Supra. During a time when the aftermarket car industry was taking off, thanks to several mainstream car movies, Nick’s obsession was born. Nick currently enjoys driving and modifying his 2016 BMW M235i.

He currently works in the commercial real estate and corporate finance industry providing his services to several Fortune 500 companies.

Specialties: Financial Modeling, Commercial Real Estate, Client Relationship Management


Kip Kubisz

He is a graphic artist, illustrator and conceptual designer. Working from your sketches and ideas, Kip will help create a conceptual vehicle specifically for your needs and requirements. Discussions between the customer and our design team will result in a 3D model for further refinement. Once a virtual model has been created we can view the vehicle from any angle to resolve issues with the design. Illustrations from the 3D model are a great way to convey your ideas to possible investors, etc.

From his work featured here you can see how this could help promote your vision.


Dave Aliberti

He is the co-owner of Sterling Sports Cars, an internationally known specialty sports car manufacturing company in Pittsburgh, PA.

He is a Product Development Strategist and a relentless innovator. With over 20 years of new product development experience, he starts by understanding everything from their sales goals, marketing plans, mission statement, and most importantly their customers. 

David is an honors graduate of Carnegie Mellon University with a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design, and holds an Associate's degree in Mechanical Engineering and Design.